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Complementary services that enrich the overall offer of Tecno Line.

Product industrialization

Following accurate analysis of the product to be built, Tecno Line researches and implements the most suitable technologies to make the most effective series production, so customers get the best quality and economic result. 

During the whole life cycle of the project, the product is subjected to repeated audits and tests to verify whether the production process is still the best one achievable. According to the client's needs, new solutions are analyzed to always get the best we can from the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Tecno Line aims to analyze and research new productive processes, even if not available on the market. 

Prototyping and sampling

Tecno Line wants to offer an always transparent and under-control process and for this reason, we concentrate even the phases of prototyping and sampling within the company. The assimilation of this phase guarantees efficiency and functionality, giving product developers and designers the chance to look at the result from the very beginning.

Components assembly

Assembly of different components requires accuracy and great technical precision.

Upon customer's request, we can assembly components made of plastic, wood, die casting components, textile, and screws to reduce energy and costs for the customer and supply a whole service of customized packaging.

Entrusting the assembly to those who are already taking care of the metalworking saves time and resources. Moreover, the assembly of all components as a final part of the process allows optimizing the process by the recipient, improving the quality of the transport, manufacturing a semi-finished product and, in the best-case scenario, a ready-to-use product with customized packaging.

Outsourced storage

By mutual agreement with the customer, Tecno Line manages strategic stockpiles into outsourced storage to shorten the time and ensure a just-in-time delivery.


A wide range of possibilities thanks to the experience and the cutting-edge technologies of Tecno Line.

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