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Frames for chairs, tables and other furniture parts made from tube and wire

Established in 1984, Tecno Line is well-known all over the world as a leading manufacturer of customized metal furniture components for the office, home, social spaces and shops. Our goal is to satisfy the customer needs with particular attention to the individual and the environment.


The professionalism, as well as the interplay of the whole team, ensures a customized, meticulously supervised product.


Flexibility, reliability, punctuality and accuracy characterize our performances.


Collaboration with designers and engineers, as well as know-how of production strategies, yield solutions in accordance with our customer requirements.


On an approx. 11,600 sqm surface, a constantly up-to-date machine outfit and high productivity allow to meet all requirements.

Tecno Line: Solidity and Reliability.

A specially developed department for Research & Development, including tool making areas, enables us to create and present innovative and high-quality technologies.

Every working phase, from the technical feasibility study and the cost-benefit analysis, through the prototypes to the serial production, aims at developing a confidential relationship with our customers.The production exclusively takes place at our own factories as well as at our selected suppliers which are based in Northeastern Italy. Every working phase is documented and tracked with care and accuracy by our company.

A "person-to-person" relationship and organized logistics enable a tailor-made service to meet the latest market requirements.


Cutting-edge technologies for processing tube and wire with particular customization


Cutting-edge technologies for processing tube and wire with particular customization

An innovative productive centre

On an approx. 11,600 sqm surface, a constantly up-to-date machine outfit and a high productivity allow to meet all requirements.

Our factories have a technologically advanced machine outfit, which allows all tube processing and customized productions.After manufacturing and before storing or sending, each item is checked, selected, cleaned, pre-assembled, protected and packaged.

IThe surface treatment, such as grinding, powder coating, copper plating, brass plating, zinc-coating and chromium plating (bright, satin and black, both with Chrom VI or eco-friendly Chrom III), are entrusted to qualified partners who have been working together with Tecno Line for a long time and have always shared the same vision.

The daily presence of the owners and the fair and fast communication enable the customer to get fast, reliable and constructive solutions.

Are you a designer?

We believe that the trick of success is hidden behind each idea.Our goal is to accomplish your ideas and offer you new solutions.

Are you a furniture manufacturer?

If you believe that quality, reliability and punctuality are essential, then Tecno Line is the ideal partner for outsourced manufacturing, able to win the most difficult challenges on the market.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Tecno Line has a certified quality management system. Environmental protection and social awareness are prerequisites of the company policy.

Tecno Line S.r.l.

Via Tezze, 22

36064 Colceresa (VI) - ITALY


T: +39 0424 471 119

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